The Yuk Ro Hyung (Six Fold Path Forms) is a series of forms that develop the practitioner as a Martial Artist and open a path into the philosophy of the Chan Shi Ja (Founder) of our art.  Each of the forms can be named with the number of its position along the path Yuk Ro Hyung Cho Dan through to Yuk Dan.  They are however often referred to by the name associated with the individual philosophy of the Hyung.  The philosophy of the individual Hyung needs to be examined in relation to the entire series of forms on the six fold path.  Below is a brief description of the meaning behind each of the names.

The Six-Fold Path is related to the Chil Sung Hyung in its intent of development.
Where they differ is that the Chil Sung Hyung are intended to develop the artist as a person. The Yuk Ro Hyung are intended to develop the artist as a warrior.

The Yuk Ro Hyung can be described as:

  1. Du Mun – The Great Gate – As a martial artist, you must open your mind to information. Indeed, the gateway to the mind if often the most difficult to open, and why it is known as the Great Gate. Style:  Neh Ga Ryu. Characteristics:  Du (top or great) Mun (gate) – entering the discipline of Yuk Ro Hyung, relaxed energy.
  2. Joong Jol – Cut the Middle – As a martial artist, much of the information that passes through the Great Gate will be either useful information that is obscured by fluff, pure nonsense, or perhaps, purely useful knowledge.Style:  Choong Ga Ryu. Characteristics:  Joong (middle of center) Jol (cutting) – cutting the middle, many open hand moves which aid in the characterization and meaning of Joong Jol.
  3. Po Wol – Embrace the Moon – When you’ve cut through the middle and sorted what has passed through the Great Gate, embrace the information you’ve discovered and make it part of your energy. Style:  Neh Ga Ryu. Characteristics:  Po (embracing) Wol (moon) – embrace the moon, earth energy, internal & external moves, invite, gathering, capture energy.
  4. Yang Pyun – High Whip – You will come to a point where your martial art skill will be at its highest, and as a warrior, you will be like a lone man, high atop a hill, wielding a whip, and no one will be able to touch you. Style:  Choong Ga Ryu. Characteristics:  High Whip, whipping movement.
  5. Sal Chu – Killing Hammer – Further down the road, you will have so much knowledge and power that you’ll be able to kill with one blow, like a heavy hammer against your enemy. Style:  Neh Ga Ryu. Characteristics:  dominate, high striking, like a “mace” (opposite of Yang Pyun).
  6. Choong Ro – Seize and Capture – You will realize that with all your knowledge, it is not being untouchable or being able to kill with one blow that makes you a skilled martial artist, but being able to capture your enemy WITHOUT causing injury. Style:  Choong Ga Ryu. Characteristics:  catching or capturing opponents with high spirit and energy

By practicing the Yuk Ro, you walk the path to becoming a great and noble warrior.