There are three areas of development that we focus on in our training: Weh Gung, Neh Gung, and Shim Gung.

Weh Gung (external power)

The fundamental application of Weh Gung in your training is the use of one’s waist (Hu Ri). One of the most important areas of emphasis in our training is the proper use of the Hu Ri in both defensive and offensive moves. The proper use of your Hi Ri will help you create energy in an efficient manner with minimum effort, and allow you to perform with maximum power and balance. The actual movement of your physical Hu Ri is very visible.

Neh Gung (internal power)

The fundamental Neh Gung application in your training is in your breathing (Ho Hoop). Ho Hoop is very important in your performance and is the basis for life. Performance without Ho Hoop has no life in its movement. Shin (relaxation) and Chook (tension) are closely related with Neh Gung. Shin Chook is one of the eight key concepts in Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan, and is the factor of utmost importance in creating power. To understand Neh Gung application in your training will help to increase your awareness of the internal world of one’s body and utilising Ki (energy) freely.

Shim Gung (mental/spiritual power)

Shim Gung training includes both your mental and spiritual well-being. Shim Gung is our attitude; our discipline (our Moo Do). There are many aspects to, and a wide range of development possible, in Shim Gung.