The Greats of Tae Kwon Do

Cesar Rodriguez Luna

Master Han Won Lee, Master Gustavo San Ciprian, Master Cesar Rodriguez,
and Master Dae Sung Lee
Masters Cesar Rodriguez
and Gustavo S. Ciprian

Kukkiwon Certificate: 05032256
4th Dan (July 20th, 1997) – National Dan: 5th Dan

Member of Taekwondo Hall of Fame
President of Absolut Taekwondo Company Mexico


2005 President of Taekwondo in “Tlalpan” Region Mexico City
2002 Author of the book “Arte Taekwondo” 500 units
2001 Director of 6 international tournaments in Mexico City, working with
2000 AES alliance of Elte Schools, World, Pan-Am, and Olympic Champions
2000 President of Absolut Taekwondo Company Mexico
1999 Speaker at the National Congress of Taekwondo Instructors
1998 Trainer at the Olympic Committee in Mexico which traveled to Germany
1996 PATU’s “Guest of Honor Speaker” in the USA
1994 Contestant at Cultural events Korea-Mexico
1993 Trainer at St-Petersburg, Russia European Cup
1992 Bronze Medal at the First U.S. Open at Colorado Springs, Colorado
1991 Student of Master Kim Seo Jo in Korea at Kyong Yu University
1989 Head of National Team at the World Cup in Egypt
1989 European Champion in Spain, Silver Medal
1987 Bronze Medal in Ecuador at the Pan-American Championships
1985 Contestant at the World Championships in Seoul, Korea
1983 Silver Medal at the World Championships in Denmark
1982 Silver Medal at the World Championships in Ecuador
1980 Gold Medal at the Pan-American Champion in Houston, Texas, USA
1979 North American Champion in Hawaii, Gold Medal
1978 Pan-American Champion in Mexico, Gold Medal – Team B
1977 1974 National Champion in Mexico, City
1973 Began Taekwondo with Master Dai Won Moon in Mexico, City

Member of Mexico National Team for 15 Years