Grandmaster Hwang Kee has stated that the focus of our training is not the physical technique, but rather mental development, and the Eight Key Concepts develop the total person. Integration of these concepts into personal life allows the individual to become more than an athlete. The benefits of using these concepts and the ultimate purpose of training is a rejuvenation and expansion of our lives.

“If a diamond is not polished it will be unable to show the great luster of the diamond itself. Even though we say the martial arts are good, we cannot show the great value of the art if we do not practice it with effort.” – The Honorable Grandmaster Hwang Kee

1 Courage Yong Gi Brave Energy
2 Concentration Chung Shin Tong Il Clean/Clear, God, Govern, One
3 Endurance In Neh Endure Patience
4 Honesty Chung Jik Right Straight
5 Humility Kyum Son Humble Humble
6 Control of power Him Cho Chung Power Manage Right
7 Tension and relaxation Shin Chook Relaxation/Expand Tension/Shrink
8 Speed control Wan Gup Loose/Slowness Hurry/Fast